Ebihens Island Trail (19/06/16)

Trail des Ebihens

If you are keen on running by the seaside, the Ebihens Island trail is made for YOU !

Imagine some wind on your face, some sand under your feet and a trail of around 12 miles (with more than 10 of them on sand and natural paths by the sea) as a challenge ! The Ebihens Island Trail is a race with the elements in a wild and magical place ! It will take place on Sunday, June 19th. Book now online, places are limited to 1000 runners so please sign up soon.

And as some of you will be running, a walk is organized (4.34 miles) for those who accompany the runners. You will then have the opportunity to discover some places with great views and will follow the runners along the race !

And after the race, come and take a rest at Chateau de Galinée campsite. Our campsite is situated in the countryside, at 6 miles only from the starting and finishing line of the trail. You can even book with a half-board option ! Galinée makes your life easier !

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Trail des Ebihens Website : http://traildesebihens.pagesperso-orange.fr/