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Les Castels

At the time considered to be a crazy idea, camping at a château has proven to be a resolutely visionary idea and has withstood the test of time. It all began in 1959 when Georges Pilliet founded the “Les Castels” association with the goal of encouraging château owners to open up their properties to campers in order to promote, maintain, preserve and share an endangered heritage. He thus created the first outdoor hotel chain whose main values were the setting, courtesy, comfort and tranquillity.

If being imitated is proof of a good idea, committing to continuity is the demonstration that the values that embody the chain are unique and are especially sought after today. For over 50 years, while preserving the values it is so attached to, the chain has evolved by combining tradition and modernity with the ongoing concern for meeting the needs of today’s vacationers.

In 2015, the Castels family includes 39 independent and dedicated owners who have opened up their family estates to outdoor tourism.


Clef Verte

Choosing a Green Key awarded accommodation is your guarantee of staying in an environmentally friendly accommodation and at the same time an encouragement for the rest of the tourism sector to implement greener practices.

Furthermore, labelling of environmentally friendly accommodations contributes significantly to the awareness-raising on environmental protection. The French office of the Foundation for Environmental Education has carried out the Green Key programme for more than 10 years with a goal of spreading the ideas of environmental education in the general public. The awarded accommodations are of key importance as they raise awareness among their employees and clients.

In a study carried out by the polling agency TNS Sofres, 86% of French expressed a need of a label in order to identify products and services that respect the environment.

It’s exactly what the Green Key has to offer, so don’t wait anymore! We are sure you will find among our 653 successful candidates the accommodation you are searching for.