Fishing from the shore in North Brittany

What can you fish by the shore in Northern Brittany?

The Côtes-d’Armor is an ideal destination for fishing on foot: the magnitude of the tides leaves huge expanses of sand to go with family, rake in hand, to bring back shells. The rocky cliffs also harbor a world at low tide, to explore with a net! Shellfish lovers will find gray shrimps and bunches in the waterholes, lobsters and crabs under the rocky plateaus, crabs camouflaged in seaweeds, and crabs buried in the sand. On the rocky beaches, you can pick periwinkles, limpets (or barnacles), whelks (whelks), wild oysters or mussels. In the vast expanses of wet sand are hidden the burrowing bivalves: the knife that is made up with salt, the shell that one finds by scraping the sand, but also the meadow, the sea kelp and the clam . Something to satisfy all tastes, have a good time with family and enjoy good meals at the campsite on your return: raw shellfish to enjoy as an aperitif, bowls of periwinkles and shrimps to share, or friendly dishes of mussels or cockles to the marinière!

The best fishing spots in Côtes-d’Armor and Ille-et-vilaine

Each site favors one species more than another because of its typology: predominance of sand, rocky beaches, water-soaked areas, differences in depth, exposure, or the importance of tidal type and number of shellfish and crustaceans that can be found. The sanitary quality of the sites is also evaluated. Around the campsite Château de Galinée, several famous spots promise you a successful and secure fishing foot: side Cotes-d’Armor, you can go around the archipelago of Ébihens north of Saint-Jacut, the tip of Pléneuf at Verdelet islet, or after Saint-Brieuc, near Étables-sur-Mer and Pordic. On the Ille-et-Vilaine side, less than 40 km from Saint-Cast, the entire coastal area below Cancale (Saint-Benoît-des-Ondes, Hirel) is renowned for the quality of its fishing on foot . In Saint-Malo, the Mole beach and the surroundings of the forts of Grand Bé and Petit Bé are also a popular area, less than 30 km from the campsite.

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Prepare your fishing by the shore

Fishing on foot is a family leisure, fun and resourceful, which requires little equipment. Some accessories will however be useful for you to pick up and bring back shells on your place of stay: starting with a container! To go to the beach beaches unveiled by the tide, take a bucket. Boots will also be essential to keep your feet dry: they allow you to move in the rocks strewn with holes of water, to penetrate in the small salt-water ponds which form in the hollow of the rocks, but also to walk in sand soaked with water, sometimes muddy and in which one can sink several centimeters. Depending on the weather, a waterproof and windproof garment will also be nice to you. To dislodge some species, salt and a scraper are also expected. Before leaving for foot fishing, be sure to go to a site where practice is permitted and recommended. Take with you the tide times so you do not get trapped, and find out the minimum sizes allowed for each species. Good to know: to stay alive, the seashells caught must stay cool. Plan some water in your bucket !

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