Top 10 of the castles to visit in the Côtes-d’Armor

Discover 10 castles which are among the most beautiful places of interest of Côtes d’Armor !

Castle of La Hunaudaye

Beautiful example of Breton medieval architecture, the Hunaudaye castle is located in Plédéliac, less than 20 km from the campsite Château de Galinée. It’s open every day for the visit, from April to November. Tablets, tactile terminals, audioguides and movies animate the discovery of the place.

Fort la Latte

Facing the sea, 15 km from Saint-Cast, the castle of Roche Goyon is open to visit in season. Built in the 14th century in pink sandstone, it hosts medieval festivals every year in August: the program of festivities, acrobats, minstrels, chivalry tournaments, falconry shows and stories for children.

Castle of Rosanbo

Near the castle of Tonquedec, the Rosanbo is ideal for a combined visit: a completely different aesthetic, it is composed of a body of the 14th century, a 15th century Gothic manor, buildings 16th and a part 19th. Prized by architecture enthusiasts, it shows typical ornaments of each era.

Castle of Pommorio

A little more than an hour from our campsite in Saint-Cast, on the coast between Saint-Brieuc and the island of Bréhat, the castle of Pommorio is an 18th century property which hosts many events: Christmas markets, cultural meetings, garden party, or jazz concerts.
Credit photo : Pommorio Castle

Castle of Crenan

Less than 60 km from the campsite, Crenan Castle is located in Foeil, southwest of Saint-Brieuc. Built at the end of the 15th century, it opens its doors to visitors every year on the occasion of Heritage Days. It has been the subject of regular restoration work since the fire that ravaged it in the early 20th century.
Credit photo : Crenan’s friends

Castle of Bienassis

Between Erquy and Pléneuf-Val-André, the castle of Bienassis is an architectural jewel of the 15th century. Located 23 kilometers from our 5-star campsite, it offers many historical and fun activities, games of discovery in the form of escape game on the ramparts, and daily guided tours during the summer.

Castle of Tonquédec

At 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from the campsite, towards Lannion and Perros-Guirec, the castle of Tonquédec is one of the most impressive castles of the Breton region: its strong and majestic silhouette stands on a rocky outcrop in the heart of the forest. Historical reenactments and medieval events are organized during the season.

Castle of Kergrist

In the same area as the castles of Ronsanbo and Tonquédec, at 1h30 from the campsite, Kergrist castle is also called the “Pearl of Trégor”. It has remarkable French gardens and opens its doors for events, sometimes at night.

Castle of the Roche-Jagu

Less than an hour and a half drive from the campsite Château de Galinée, southwest of Paimpol, the Domaine de la Roche-Jagu is a 15th century building surrounded by a vast landscaped park of medieval inspiration. The visit of the domain includes the interiors of the castle and the access to its library, the temporary exhibitions, the park and its various workshops.

Castle of Pierre II

An hour’s drive from our 5-star campsite in Saint-Cast, the Château de Pierre II is part of the heritage of Guingamp: this old 11th century castle was the subject of recent excavations and its remains were rehabilitated . It is emblematic of the city and inseparable from its history.

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