Point of Grouin Campsite

The majesty of the coast in Northern Brittany, close to the campsite

Looking for a campsite at Pointe du Grouin ? Few easily accessible natural sites provide such a sense of freedom. On the borders of the Ille et Vilaine and the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, the Pointe du Grouin offers its visitors a breathtaking panorama mixing pink rocks, wild heaths, changing color plants, strings of islands and charming beaches and of course, the fiery sea with surprising bluish hues.

Less than an hour’s drive from Galinée Castle, you will see the colonies of seabirds that have made their home, starting with the Great Cormorant, true master places. By choosing to get there at low tide, you can follow the path that leads to the caves carved into the rock overlooking the sea. You can, according to your desires, travel the last kilometers on foot from Cancale through the moor or go there by car. In any case, this stop in the great outdoors will make you feel the appeal of the broad characteristic of the region.

Unforgettable walk on the Breton coast

The Pointe du Grouin , the coast of the Côtes d’Armor reserves an exceptional diversity of landscapes. Alternating beaches with very clear waters and very white sand, cliffs of steep pink sandstone, the coast naturally inspires painters and for a long time. Nature shows everywhere its power, especially on some impressive sites such as Cap Fréhel. Fifteen kilometers from the campsite, its high cliffs shelter the nests of gulls and cormorants while offering one of the most exceptional views of Brittany. We can extend this bucolic ride following the coastal path that leads to Fort La Latte, a natural setting for several films. The castle’s past planted on a rocky peak will appeal to both history buffs and children, delighted to explore the dungeon during their camping holidays at Pointe du Grouin.

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